Wound type: Surgical Wounds

About Surgical Wounds

Surgical Wounds or Incisions result when you have an operation, or if you get a cut accidentally. The incision, wound or cut is closed using stitches (sutures), clips glue or tape, depending on the site and depth of the cut.

Wound healing

Closing a wound with stitches, clips, staples, glue or tape encourages the wound to heal faster.

Sometimes, the cut (or surgical wound) is left open because there is a risk of infection, or there is not enough tissue to bring the wound edges together.


The aim of care is to disturb the wound as little as possible, absorb drainage, preventing infection. Your healthcare professional will advise you during discharge from surgery or after you receive your stitches.

Consulting a healthcare provider:

If the wound gets worse or persists or if there are signs of infection such as redness, swelling, fever, pain or burning, increased drainage, becomes warm to the touch, then consult a health care provider.

Products for Surgical Wounds

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