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Faster Healing

Dressings with Safetac® technology create a faster wound healing environment.  Traditional adhesives may strip the skin, tear the wound and leak drainage back onto the skin – all these things delay wound healing. Dressings with Safetac® technology are different because they don’t stick in the wound and don’t strip skin. Foam dressings with Safetac® technology absorb drainage better than other dressings.   9  They also provide a longer wear time, optimal moisture and temperature for undisturbed wound healing.

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May decrease pain medication

Pain medication can make daily activities difficult, but Safetac® may reduce the need for pain medication. During a clinical study, people wearing a dressing with Safetac® technology reported significant reduction in mean pain scores at the end of the first week of treatment at dressing application (p = 0.02), and during dressing wear (p<0.05). Pain at dressing removal also favored Safetac® technology.

In the Safetac® group, the average weekly amounts of the opiate medication used for dressing change per patient was 74% less (p = 0.031).

The average weekly amounts of background pain medication (excluding opiates) also decreased by 72%.

Less Pain, Less Stress

More than 40% of patients in one survey considered pain at dressing changes to be the worst part of living with a wound.  Pain from dressing changes is often a result of adhesives damaging the wound and skin.   Pain causes stress, and stress delays healing.   Dressings with Safetac® technology use a unique patented soft silicone adhesive technology. They are designed to be less painful during dressing changes   – feel the difference!

Nurse & Patient Preferred

In the largest survey of its kind, 3034 patients from 20 countries with a variety of wound types were interviewed. They compared various other dressings with Safetac® technology dressings. Patients were asked to express which dressing they preferred. The results showed an overwhelming, statistically significant preference for dressings with Safetac® technology, because they were less painful.

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