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The #1 recommended product to flatten, soften & fade scars is silicone sheeting.   


Mepiform® is a thin, discrete, self-adherent, soft silicone sheet that can be used as soon as a wound is closed to aid in scar prevention. It can also be applied to a scar that has already formed.

Available Sizes:
2 in x 3 in, 4 in x 7.2 in

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  • Conforms well to body contours
  • Protection from the UV rays
  • No extra fixation is needed
  • May be cut to size, then save the rest of the sheet for later use
  • Thin, flexible and discreet – no mess and no waiting to dry
  • May be worn during daily activities
  • May be re-applied
  • The same piece of Mepiform® may be used for several days
  1. Trim-to-Fit: Use a clean pair of scissors.

  2. Cut to desired shape or size and add ½ inch margin outside the scar.

  3. Make sure that the skin surrounding the scar is dry and free of any lotions or ointments.

  4. Remove the release film. Apply the sticky side over the scar.

  5. Avoid stretching. Mepiform® should optimally be worn 23 hours a day. It is recommended that Mepiform® be removed once a day (e.g., when showering or bathing) for inspection and washing of the skin.

* Do not use moisturizers, gels or ointments on the skin surrounding the scar because Safetac® adheres best to clean, dry skin.

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