Mepilex® Border Flex Family

Stays On. Uniquely Conforms


Mepilex® Border Flex bordered silicone foam dressings have been trusted for wound care by hospitals and healthcare providers for decades. Our next-generation all-in-one bordered, silicone foam adhesives are constructed with multiple layers and designed to increase conformability and comfort.

Why Silicone Foam?

Silicone prevents dressings from sticking to wounds, but helps them adhere to surrounding skin which helps reduce pain during changes/removal.1 Silicone foams are also durable so they can stay on for multiple days before being replaced*, and give a sense of assurance by providing layers of cushioning over wounds.


Designed to Stay on and Uniquely Conform

Our Mepilex® Border Flex family is designed with an innovative 360° Flex Technology that allows dressings to move in all directions, along with your movements, so they stay in place and remain comfortable.2-3 They’re made with unique “Y-cuts” in the wound pad which expand to allow movement, so they’ll stay secure even on challenging joints.

*Depending on condition of wound and surrounding
skin or as indicated by your healthcare provider

Easy Drainage Tracking

Because wounds heal better when left undisturbed, we also added a helpful Drainage Tracking Monitor. This system of dots on the backing film lets you monitor and record drainage spread without lifting up the dressing.

How the Drainage Tracking Monitor Works

The Tracking Monitor is a system of equally distant dots.

As drainage spreads, you can record a dot count that reflects drainage volume in the dressing.

You can then refer to the dot count to help monitor drainage trends.

Consider changing dressing when drainage is approaching three edges of the dressing.**

** Wound inspection and dressing change frequencies are driven by clinical decision and should be at the discretion of the treating clinician

Trusted by healthcare providers and used in hospitals, Mepilex® Border Flex and Mepilex® Border Flex Lite dressings are designed to make a meaningful difference in the healing process.

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