Mepilex® Border Flex

Stays On. Uniquely Conforms

Mepilex® Border Flex

Mepilex® Border Flex dressings are bordered foam dressings that have five-layers and are designed for a range of medium to heavy draining wounds such as skin tears, minor burns and cuts.

  • Showerproof
  • May be left in place for seven days*
  • Safetac® Technology for gentle dressing changes and removal
  • Self-adhesive and can be lifted and adjusted without requiring additional fixation
  • Available in a popular 4” x 4” size

* Depending on condition of skin and surrounding
wound or as directed by your healthcare provider

Mepilex® Border Flex

Foam Dressing

Breatheable backing film
  • Barrier to seal out dirt, bacteria^ and outside moisture
  • Easy Drainage Monitor
  • Water resistant for taking showers
^Microorganisms larger than 25nm
Wound Pad Layers
  • Absorb and retain drainage away from wounds
Safe® Technology
  • Keeps dressings in place while remaining gentle to skin and minimizes pain during changes/removal
360° Flex Technology
  • Stays on and uniquely conforms
Spreading Layer
  • Evenly distribute drainage over the surface area to keep dressings from swelling